The Final Black Earth Show

At work yesterday we were talking about time machines and bands we’d go see before they were big, at small intimate shows. Names like The Sex Pistols, Nine Inch Nails, Green Day, etc. All bands we look back with twenty years hindsight and wished we’d witnessed before they were global sensations.

And from the first time I saw Black Earth that’s how I felt, that I was seeing a great band in their early years and it was just for us, it was our privilege to see them in small venues because one day we’d never be that close again.

That was new year’s eve 2011 when they played with caught off guard  (who i was there to see before I joined) and world class white trash. I wound up liking all the bands that night but Simone and I declared Black Earth our favourite band. I remember they played Ammo, Dr Frankenstein, and Going To Hell and I loved them. I jotted down notes to myself about how to write a great chorus then and there.

The end of that night I was leaving vern’s and at the door Black Earth had merch set up including buttons for one dollar. I loved them dearly, I thought they embodied rock n roll with their youth, their theatrics, their perfect self awareness and their perfect don’t give a fuck about self awareness attitude. But I had one dollar so I gave the guy in the bandanna a dollar for a button and he gave me a cd. Though he did say I had to like them on Facebook.

That’s how I got my copy of Ammo that years later I had to pry out of my broken cd player, that’s how I met Tony, that was the first time I had a great night at vern’s. That new year’s change my life.

Simone and I, the next morning, new year’s day, we said “that middle band, Blackened Earth, they were great. We have to go see them again.”


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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