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Recording Day 3

It’s really the second day of serious work on the EP but it’s our third day of being sequestered in Rob’s house. Truthfully progress on the tracks has been great but you know even the best session has it’s frustrations.

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I’m actually a pretty rad dude and I love my life. It’s an odd type of confession, I think there’s a pressure in the modern society to hate yourself, there’s an idea that the only way to be interesting is

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Why I blog

There are three reasons I feel compelled to keep a public journal. 1. I learned to be a good listener and conversationalist so in conversations I’ll let my points slide if the conversation has moved passed the appropriate time. But

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On Justice And Revenge

I read a quote once, which I can’t find now, about how after a crime has been committed police are simply in the business of revenge. I think about it a lot and in our social media age how we’ve

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The next one

All my life I’ve had the feeling that I’ll live another 2 – 5 years. Obviously it’s never come true and yet that doesn’t make the make the feeling go away. That’s why I wasn’t too surprised at the start

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Religion and interpretation

My original posts on religion were about what i saw as people’s unwillingness to discuss it and instead falling back on tropes. It did generate some brief discussion which took place in the form of facebook comments, a forum that

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Morning person

I can’t tell if I’m really a morning person or not. There’s a perfect storm of a good night’s sleep, two coffees and no breakfast that will send me into a productive frenzy. I’ll be writing on three different projects

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