Recording Day 3

It’s really the second day of serious work on the EP but it’s our third day of being sequestered in Rob’s house. Truthfully progress on the tracks has been great but you know even the best session has it’s frustrations.

We’re not eating right, drinking and smoking too much, we all got sick, and the little sleep we get is on couches and floors. Some of us have no money and those that do are burning through it alarmingly. Band life.

There’s a quote in the film Tonight You’re Mine when a guy looks at a festival crowd and says “if you put this many people together without music you’d have a riot.” And that’s what recording is like too, when one person is frustrated everyone starts getting frustrated but when a part gets done and the music is flowing it takes all the edge off and brings us closer.

People aren’t wrong when they say bands are like old married couples and the thing is there are two kinds of OMCs. Couples that get stronger and closer after hard times and are always growing or couples that hold on to silent resentment and rot from the inside but are too scared to leave. Bands are just like that and I really feel right now even though there’s a lot of frayed wires among the four of us at times today we will look back on this week as one of the best in our lives. And that’s the real meaning of band life.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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