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A lot people around me talk about how they hate seeing themselves in photos, on video, hate hearing their voice on tape. For the most part I agree, I hate seeing myself in photos – that’s why I like dating

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Open mics

My recent post touched on open mics because I wrote it on the way to and at an open mic. So it was meant as friendly advice to fellow singer songwriters. And I hinted at the fact that open mics

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Respecting Your Audience

One of the myths of art is that you’re supposed to do it only for you with no concern for what anyone thinks. That’s an oversimplification. You are supposed to do it for your own internal gratification but you’re not

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On over achievers

Often great strength comes from hiding great weakness. It’s easy to look at an over achiever and see their frantic worry and need for order and feel sorry for them but I think that urge actually comes from envy. I

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How to tell if you’re any good

Because if you’re wondering if you’re any good then you’re probably not. So let’s pretend your a kid just starting to write songs (or stories or jokes or whatever). Who’s the first person you should play your songs for to

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Death Anxiety

I asked a friend what he would do with a year left to live. He said travel. And I get that. The impulse being that if life just got noticeably shorter one should try to absorb as much of it

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