What happened with Pip

I’m writing this so everyone has the same facts and I don’t have to tell the same story a dozen times this week.

So what happened is Pip (whose name is Danny but gets called pip because there’s too many people named Danny) tried to talk to me at Long & Macquade a while ago and I walked away, he tried to talk to me at the Cancer Bats show and I flipped him off, and he tried to talk to me last night and at vern’s, I flipped him off again and he decked me.

Someone got in between us, pip yelled that he’d tried to apologize four fucking times, Melissa said he just wanted to talk, and I left.

So that’s the current state. The thing that kicked this off is the Caught Off Guard reunion show. Pip told Fitzy and Rafi it was him or me and they chose him. They never even talked to me about it.

I had some of the happiest times of my life with Raf and Fitzy and it pops into my head sometimes that I miss those guys. Then it hurts all over again that they betrayed me like that. It’s a big wound and it can’t be undone, no one can go back and make it not happen so there’s no way to fix it.

That’s why I can’t let bygones be bygones, why I can’t ever accept an apology because if I do then I’m saying it’s okay to treat me like that.

From there though I had never intended for it to escalate, I’d been careful not to drag anyone into picking sides. I tried to just keep my distance from pip and that was that.

So that’s the facts. You can either think that I was being obstinate and provocative or you can think I’m in the right. You can think I’m unreasonable or pip’s unreasonable and I suppose you can think we’re both unreasonable but that seems like a cop out. You either think what he did last night and last year was okay or you don’t I can’t see much of middle ground there.

Anyway I shouldn’t speculate, like I said this is about everyone having the facts so I don’t have to tell the same story over again anytime someone asks me about what happened. What anyone thinks about it or this post is up to them.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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