Motivation day one

I’m feeling energetic and focused. I’m getting up at six sharp starting this week and doing a light stretch and work out before work. I wrote it my week’s goals yesterday and I woke up feeling great today so one down.

Back to being early for work too. I can either be early or late because if I get to the train station before 7:15 I’m at work at 7:30, after 7:15 three trains go by before I can squeeze on and all the load time at stops doubles and I’m waltzing in the door at ten after 8. When someone’s late it’s always a waltz, there’s no other verb.

I’m leaving my credit card at home. Which has already bitten me in the ass because I’m super early for work and don’t have any money to go get a coffee.

My biggest focus this week has to be the band. We’ve been stagnant for months. It sucks that if I focus on any other aspect of life the band seems to grind to a halt. Everyone of us loves the band dearly but I’m the only one for whom it’s a life or death matter so it’s up to me to keep the other guys moving forward if I want to move at my pace.

And part of the problem I think is that I’m working on new songs and that gives us the illusion of progress. But really nothing has been accomplished since the artwork for the EP was chosen, and before that since it was recorded.

Really my goal this week is to be more productive than the last two weeks, more responsible. It’s been a great two weeks of fun and I don’t regret anything as long as I take that reservoir of positivity and spend it on productivity.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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