The Greystone Gardens visual style

Our next shirt design is done! And there’s somethings you’ll notice if you’re the observant type. It looks kinda like our last shirt. There’s a theme. Except instead of a random Internet girl it features our dear friend Tish Sousa and if you’re really brilliant and deductive you’ll notice she is in fact wearing the previous Greystone Gardens shirt. It’s a shirt within a shirt. It’s shirtception.12874204_10154210627143682_396317192_o

The idea to have the next model wear the previous shirt came about quite subtly. The girl in the original picture was wearing a RUN DMC shirt and we got Evan to black it out because it was distracting to have a different band name on our shirt. Ding, light bulb. I figured next time when we’re taking the picture ourselves we’ll put her in a Greystone shirt.

Getting Tish to model came about because I already knew “love is not war, you dick” was going to be the next lyric we used and I wanted someone with an empowered sexy attitude. I’m not a great photographer and especially not great at directing a photo shoot but we got a photo that everyone likes. The thing is I think it conveys a playful attitude where I wanted more bad ass. Then the next day Tish posted a selfie on Instagram that had sexy empowered bad ass chick for days. This inspired an idea; when the Tish shirts are printed I’m letting everyone know that if they want to be the next model they can take a selfie wearing our shirt and send it to us. Not like a contest because bands having contests is dumb but as a way to get people engaged with the band and probably get some cool photos from some cool people I would have never thought of.

And I’m listing lyrics to use for shirtception and non-shirtception shirts. There are a lot of lyrics I want to use on a shirt but shirtception shirts basically have to be around six words and it’s actually quite difficult to find six words that convey a powerful message but it’s a lot of fun because I rarely get to be a visual artist and I’m really stoked on it right now. I’m planning a few videos too and I’m still fond of the 12:10am video.

My goal when I designed the first white shirt was to make it look not like a band shirt. In the Frank Turner video for Plain Sailing Weather he’s wearing a shirt that says Tramps Like Us Were Born To Run. If you’re a Springsteen fan you get it otherwise it’s just a shirt. I like the subtly of it, the secrecy almost.

I feel like most band’s imagery is the same; splash effects, skulls, pistols, iconography of old school violence and everything in red and black. Every band has the same definition of “edgy” and so it all winds up looking the same.

I thought of the circle of friends around the band and the aesthetic we roll with. I wanted to make clothes our friends would wear even if they didn’t know our band. The spirit of the band that I want to highlight in a lot of our visuals is a reflection of who we are and who our friends are. I’m staying away from faux hardcore punk and metal visuals that everyone uses, and I’m staying away from any irony or smug self aware cartoony bullshit like hipster bands do. I want to broadcast the truth and I want authenticity to be our aesthetic.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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