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The band

It’s hardest to be honest when you know that honesty is going to hurt someone’s feelings who doesn’t deserve it. And further more talking about the band specifically I always hesitate to write honestly because it could hurt the way

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The History Of The Idea Of Work What got me thinking about was Dan saying he wanted to move away from pub food standard stuff and do more interesting features and stuff. I’m what you’d call a creative-type and you’d

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Crying on a bicycle

There’s a Chinese saying that it’s better to cry in BMW than laugh on a bicycle. And I know the instant reaction is to say that’s crazy because our culture, the most decadent and materially obsessed in history, clings desperately

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5 htp

I’ve been taking it as mood stabilizer for about 2 weeks now. And I am feeling happy in a general way. For the sake of being scientific I’ll acknowledge that it could be other factors like the amount of sunshine

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I’ve taken it for granted for a long time now that I’m not normal. Long ago I wrote a song for the Stuart sisters when I worked at Richmonds and I was completely blind sided when they hated me for

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It’s always held up as a good quality, benefiting the forgiver more than the forgivee. And yet I’ve never aspired to be a forgiving person. It’s just not pragmatic. And when it does seem pragmatic it doesn’t seem moral. Meaning

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