The concept for my next solo record

It’s going to be called Minimum Wage Musician. By the end of this post you’ll get why.

Long ago I saw the movie The Devil And Daniel Johnston, in it someone talks about how Daniel didn’t have a way to dub cassettes. He just had a one deck tape recorder. So he’d record his album, switch out cassettes, and then record the album again.

And over the years I’ve thought about this often. Now if you were a big enough band then you couldn’t do this because demand would be too high, you’d be recording for years, and then whatever version of the album was best would get passed around online anyway and the distinction would be lost.

But it occurs to me that I am very small. I could record my new songs at home and burn a copy for anyone who wanted one.

I’d customize it a bit, say the date, who it’s for, and what number it is at the beginning. So if people did get curious and listen to someone else’s copy they’d know when it was recorded and hear the tiny ways the songs have grown and changed.

So I actually got the song list together this weekend and played through it. There’s a picture of the list on Instagram (look me up, Alastair.Rob) Turns out it really does feel like work. It’s about an hour long so it occurred to me to charge an hours labour.

Which means if you buy one this year it’ll cost you $11.20. I looked it up. But next year it will cost you $12.50 and if you really wanted one in 2018 that would run you 15 bucks.

I haven’t decided on an official start date for the project and not all the songs are done yet but I’d love to have some early copies included incomplete or alternate versions. I for sure want to take some orders at the next absinthe cafe.

So there you go. Operation Minimum Wage Musician underway.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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2 comments on “The concept for my next solo record
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  2. Rafaela says:

    Its excelkent ass your other content :D, rrgards
    foor putting up.

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