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What’s wrong with me.

I spent the last several years working on flaws that I wanted to change and got to a point where I feel pretty good about all of them. That left me with a curious list of flaws I didn’t want

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Minimum Wage Music update

In case you missed it, here’s the first post I wrote about my next recording project. The basics are: I’m recording my new album one copy at a time, like a live set specifically for one person. I always think

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It’s a construct that gets mentioned a lot without a thought of what it really means. As I’ve been thinking about it this week I’d define respect as modifying ones behaviour to acknowledge the priorities of someone else. That’s wordy.

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I Miss Getting Stoned

I’ve been trying for years to write a song that captures my sense of loss about doing drugs. I used to have a good time smoking pot and eating mushrooms and then I had an episode of psychosis that just

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Nihilism and happiness

I’ve been struggling with nihilism lately. Which is odd for me because I’ve been a nihilist since long before I even heard the word. I remember telling a camp counselor when I was maybe 11 that nothing mattered because we

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