Minimum Wage Music update

In case you missed it, here’s the first post I wrote about my next recording project.

The basics are: I’m recording my new album one copy at a time, like a live set specifically for one person.

I always think about re-recording stuff. If you’ve heard me play Pride Of My Home Town lately and then listen to the recorded version of  from 2 years ago you’d notice it’s grown and changed a lot though I’ve never intentionally amended it. It’s just fallen into place over the (roughly) 300 times I’ve played it since then. So I thought it would be interesting to record the growth of a song like that.

So anyway the update:

I bit the bullet and made the first one. I decided I’d do the first one for Josanna and one way later for Peter (who are husband and wife and great supporters of me, for those who don’t know) so it would be easy to see how the songs melded over the whole process. But it’s actually self-conscious and nerve-wracking to decide when to start because I still want the record to not be amateurish. But the songs were already shape-shifting so I had to take the leap and do the first one.

And today I did the second one. For Rob, because I assume he’ll want one. Something I thought would be interesting is that I’d be hearing the album through the intended listener’s ears and it’s totally true, it becomes very introspective. There are songs I wrote before, during, after, and about Greystone so some tracks really had an emotional resonance.

Recording has got me writing a bit of new stuff too which feels great.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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