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Me And Freedom

The pattern of my life is generally I spend two or three years focusing on one thing, neglecting the other aspects of my life, then it collapses, I have nothing else and no other identity, everything feels meaningless, I quit

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One Difficulty Of Being A Songwriter And A Whole Person

A long time ago I heard a theory that stuck with me, someone was talking about how singers who are former addicts stop writing good music (which is true) and this person figured it was because once you’ve recovered from

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I’m not a fan of the fact that I’m a roiling cauldron of hatred. Just under the surface and all the way to my core. I wrote about forgiveness a long time ago and how it’s not a choice. Emotional

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Sure, Another One On Religion

You can’t stop terrorism with love, denial, or moral relativism. I started this on Tuesday, it’s not just about terrorism but it ends there because it just has to. Something that bugs that hasn’t been talked about much is; do

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