Sure, Another One On Religion

You can’t stop terrorism with love, denial, or moral relativism.

I started this on Tuesday, it’s not just about terrorism but it ends there because it just has to.

Something that bugs that hasn’t been talked about much is; do you remember how much religion bashing we did in the 90’s? It was primarily about the waves of Christian initiated censorship but we bad-mouthed religion all day and night, South Park and Family Guy mocked Jesus with gusto to with nothing in retaliation but angry letters.

Because we enlightened people see religion as a problem in our society. Where everything got weird was when the enlightened idea of being accepting and non-judgemental of others ran into Islam.

Some of us stayed the course and some of us became moral relativists. No one ever equated criticism of Christianity to racism or called people Christianophobes. No broke their back dancing around the issue. No one was so condescending enough to start defining Christianity anyway they pleased. People always want to talk about how all religions have wackjobs using the Westboro Baptist Church as an example. First of all the dark side of Christianity is when local government change zoning laws to close every women’s health centre in a state and no one notices. Secondly, the WBC is rude. That’s the offense that makes them equal to Islamic extremists? The WBC attitude toward gays is nothing compared to a majority of Muslims. A little moral triage please.

I posted a quote on FB this week and kicked off a good discussion and I found a quote that better illustrates my point:

“Writing in relation to Harris’ skirmish with Affleck, Aslan has stated that religion “is often far more a matter of identity than it is a matter of beliefs and practices” and that “people of faith insert their values into their Scriptures,” with other, often contingent factors causing them to act as they do.  So when ISIS guerrillas behead their captives, justifying their bloodshed by proclaiming jihad and citing verses from the Quran, by Aslan’s definition we cannot blame the doctrine of jihad or the contents of Islamic scripture, but must seek out other motives.  This is prima facie obfuscatory, because it involves discounting the testimony of the perpetrators themselves.”

This is my point about the arrogance of the west in deciding ‘real’ Islam is whatever suits us best. Real Islam, like most real ancient dogmatic fairy tales, is a murderous patriarchy. Look, any religious text is going to have some stuff about peace and some well-meaning rules, along with the stupid rules and the stuff about killing. And it’s all non-sense. It’s all made up and unless you truly believe Allah created the universe and sent Mohammad to earth to marry a child, kill people, and ride a winged horse, you’re under no obligation to respect it. Certainly not respect it to the point you’ll tolerate a culture that subjugates woman, kills gays, kills cartoonists, destroys historic works of art, and demands the elimination of Jews. If a secular person calls for those things they’re literally worse than Hitler but because the notion of criticizing dogma got tied to the notion that we’re just childishly fearful of outsiders it’s impossible to discuss how to best deal with it. Instead we get meme after meme about how love is stronger and everyone needs to just stop killing. Helpful advice, I’m sure that’s shaking future suicide bombers out of their delusion left, right, and center, good job.

One of the arguments I heard is that openly admitting Islam is (at least) a bit of the problem would inspire an us-versus-them mentality with the west and even more of the Muslim world. And my answer is that that is the message extremists are propagating anyway and if American bombs going off everyday hasn’t turned someone into a radical then our talking about it above a whisper isn’t going to do shit.

“Terrorists want to cause fear to divide and conquer us. Now more than ever is a time to put aside our differences and love each other.”

Says a tweet after the latest terrorist attack. Look man, I know you want a fairy tale ending with something as simple as love to be the answer but what Islamism wants is to subjugate the world, they want us to not act against them when they murder people for drawing the prophet.

And the people who are dividing us? Are the people who are so convinced there’s dark cabal out to rule the world and they’re all white guys in suits. You know what the evil American overlords want to impose on you? Shopping. They want you to shop all day everyday and not care about privacy.  Religious fanatics want to conquer the world and bring it back to the iron age. Again, a little moral triage please.

Whatever, fuck it, I’m done. I think deep down everyone knows what’s going on and people are getting brave enough to admit it after every attack.

I’m going to leave with some Ex-Muslims who are deeply and eloquently critical of Islam and the west’s reactions to it.

Ali Rizvi

Sarah Haider

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Maajid Nawaz

And of course, the great Sam Harris


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