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Telling better stories: quotes and impressions

First things first don’t do impressions. Especially if all you do is the same derpy voice for fucking everybody. You had an annoying customer? Don’t spread the annoyance by being annoying, convey how you feel in your words. If you

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It’s been a good day.

There was some camaraderie around the kitchen today. After the usual horrible start to the day we settled into a slow lunch and had time to just vent and crack jokes, make up dances. I’m working on a film compilation

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The next chapter of my life

I am just not excited for all the crap I have to do. Another crappy move into a crappy apartment. That’s all my life is, a series of crappy apartments. And there’s just no point. It’s one thing to have

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What’s happening right now

A lot of people know a lot of different things, even I don’t know everything I’d like right now and I can’t be a historian or a journalist – because I’m too close to this and I’m just treading water.

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Telling Better Stories: Beginnings

I said in my last post on Telling Better Stories I’d do one on beginnings so here it is. And your first lesson is that was not a great beginning. Just like only a bad story requires a conclusion at

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