Telling better stories: quotes and impressions

First things first don’t do impressions. Especially if all you do is the same derpy voice for fucking everybody. You had an annoying customer? Don’t spread the annoyance by being annoying, convey how you feel in your words. If you can tell a good story then the movie plays out in my mind don’t try to be the movie.

I know the first instinct is to show not tell and you think you can better convey what happened by recreating it but it’s incredibly annoying. For example when someone is telling a story about how a person was angry and they start acting aggressive. We’ve all seen what anger looks like, don’t sacrifice your dignity to remind us.

The caveat of course being that impressions can be really funny. So what makes an impression funny you ask? Accuracy. Try it. You’ll get a bigger laugh if you do an impression that actually nails the person you’re talking about. Only of course assuming your listener knows the person otherwise don’t bother. And firstly don’t bother with impressions.

Second things second don’t recite entire conversations and especially don’t start every quote with Was Likes. I know two people are talking, do something better than:

“He was like ‘let’s go to the movies’ so I was like ‘no’ and he was like ‘come on we never go anywhere’ and I was like ‘you come on went out last night’…”

I’m not just here to scold so what you do instead is just switch up words. Try things like:

He suggested going to the movies but I declined. He complained that we don’t go out so I reminded him we went out the night before

Okay not my most thrilling story but do you notice how one sounds like a grown up is talking? You want to sound like a grown up. Or I’ll call you a fuckface.

Switch it up as much as you can or I promise you you’re being tuned out. And watch out for Was Likes, that’s your take away so far.



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