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Ethics of being mean

A few people have confronted me lately about my attitude. It’s interesting right now because we just had our annual sexual harassment training  and we had just been talking about sensitivity and people’s comfort so I have to think about

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What I learned at last year’s sexual harassment thing

I started a post about this last year and deleted it. I’ve tried to explain the value of that seminar to dozens of people and they fail to acknowledge what I’m saying. A big part of that is group-think about

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On A Saying I Fucking Hate

You always fucking hear “Without darkness we wouldn’t know light” or any bullshit like that. And it honestly makes me want to punch people. Then ten minutes later ask “Does your face feel better now than before because you have

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Romance, gender, and gestures

I’m still thinking about Fry & Leela. The idea of romantic gestures having value in relationships. And if you’re the sort who scans the introductory paragraph to see if you’re going to be mentioned I’ll summarize: Romantic gestures are stupid

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