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The mental health first aid seminar

You know I love workshops and seminars. So this one was about talking to people with thoughts of suicide. My alley, definitely. Before the seminar officially started, just going through warning sign literature the jokes about me being at risk

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Ranking people

“You’re so smart you could do anything, you should have a house, a nice car…” “If you’re so smart why are you still cooking, you’re not a lawyer or anything” “[name redacted] bought a house, aren’t you so jealous” The

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Life is a team sport

Professional sports are a billion dollar industry, lives are made and ruined on the success of those players and their game. Professional sports teams organize and support their players with the world’s greatest nutritional, medical, physical, and psychological care. Winning

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Couch surfing chronicles

At the end of January I decided to keep couch surfing for another month because I felt I hadn’t gotten the experience I wanted, although I was still unclear what that experience was supposed to be. I just knew there

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Updated sobriety

When I quit drinking part of it was being scared I’d turn into the drunk guy I hate, the aging Wolfman’s regarding who talked too much, ¬†laughed at his own jokes, roped people into conversations, and smelled bad. And rather

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Communication, Information, And Empathy

I think it’s important to chat. When Dan was running the kitchen the most informative time of day was the pre-lunch smoke break. Something important would be remembered while the conversation was just wandering, responsibilities would be delegated or volunteered

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The death of Stuart McLean

Little known fact that my song After The War is inspired by a Remembrance Day episode of Vinyl Cafe. I downloaded a bunch of episodes onto my iPod and I remember distinctly being on a bus in front of Mount

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