Are you actually talking to me?

I’ve given up talking politics with people. 

Because it’s not a conversation between two people anymore, there’s no sharing, no insight or growth.

And it’s not because discussion has become vitrolic and shitty and people argue – I wouldn’t mind seeing a good argument again – what’s happening that sickens me when one person starts having an imaginary conversation with a dim opponent and just wants support from their real life interlocutors.

Meaning at someone point in a conversation someone will say “trump supporters think” or “sjw snowflakes believe” then angrily debunked a satirical interpretation of those beliefs, beliefs no one present represents. 

This is why I’m known as a contrarian, because I’ll try to salvage a conversation by empathizing with any point of view in hope of learning something and to push back against being ranted at.

It’s tedious. It’s like someone getting worked up when they talk about an old girlfriend and start reliving arguments for their own catharsis and everyone present either launches into their own catharsis about tangential issues and the conversation is over, or they let the person rant and start glancing around and nodding and the conversation is over.

And beyond politics it drives me nuts when I hear someone doing a pointless routine. There are complaints I’ve heard from people word for word three times.

I wish people spoke like I learned to write in journalism. 

  • Make your point as simply as possible
  • Add information and context to your point 

Now here’s the caveat to the second point: if need be.

Meaning if you make your point and the listener agrees with you and asks no questions – move on to a new point. If you feel the need to explain things everyone agrees with you’re talking for yourself.

Just start a blog.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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