The death of Stuart McLean

Little known fact that my song After The War is inspired by a Remembrance Day episode of Vinyl Cafe.

I downloaded a bunch of episodes onto my iPod and I remember distinctly being on a bus in front of Mount Royal when I heard the episode and inspiration struck.

I meant to write to the show and tell Stuart he had inspired me. So I’d be part of the community of Vinyl Cafe Fandom.

Of course I never got around to it and eventually forgot. Until two weeks ago. I’m going through Vinyl Cafe on Spotify and 14 days ago the Remembrance Day episode came up in the rotation. I was walking from the 6th Ave Tim Hortons to a clinic, it had been a rough day but that story came on and I got the same chills and it put everything back into perspective for me.

I made a note to finally write to McLean and tell him.

And I kept forgetting and putting it off again.

And then I found out via Twitter that it was too late.

I had to tell someone, so I told you.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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