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I walked past a book about quitting the other day, why we’re scared of it and so forth, and I thought that is one book I do not need, I’ve never been scared to quit situations. In fact I wish

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I’m late often.  I’m habitually late. I’m increasingly late with increasing frequency. My actual personality is quite meek, I avoid almost everything. Uncomfortable, difficult, unafffirming things get replaced by drinking, hanging out, blogging. So when I see myself being later

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Old friends, former friends, and ex friends

Simone said, when we met again for the first time after the move, that we were like old friends. It’s pleasant and social to see her and the feeling is that we’re connected through the past even though we’re not

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Protected: difficulties

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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You have to be willing to let people lose you

We all want to help people, we all care. And we all think if people would just listen we could help them, if we’re just patient we can all get to a place where we flourish. But it’s not always

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Depression again

It’s been creeping around for the last few weeks and I did have a single, floating suicidal come to mind a while ago that made me want to write this. I’ve been noticing lately that good feelings stopped sticking. I

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Some guidelines for public speaking and stuff from me, Alastair

Before hand -rehearse. Your speech, your questions, your whatever. Outlook and annunciated. -get social. I walk around smiling and saying hello to people, I chat, whatever to get in an outgoing frame of mind. During -indulge the panic. Create the

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