The Aim Of Getting A Total Annihilation Tattoo

I’ve been saving my left arm tattoo real estate for a Total Annihilation sleeve since I started getting ink. I’ve always thought it would be best done by a fellow fan of the game because they’d have an image of how the units look from something more artistic than the top down pixel cubes or the existing game art.

When I got my Greystone tattoo from Jay at Scythe & Spade I asked him if he knew the game and he thought maybe Tieka at Bushido would know because she does a lot of game tattoos.

It took me forever to call her because cold calling people inevitably makes you feel your question is stupid, right?

Eventually I did call her and the shop was delightful about it but she hadn’t heard of the game.

So the search goes on.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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