Right and Left, Individuals and Monoliths

Have you noticed on the traditional (and outdated) spectrum of left and right politically that the left, with all its notions of collectivism is fractured and never achieves any kind of unity, while the right manages to act legion despite their obsession with individualism?

On the modern left it’s just a mess. Every possible demographic claiming to oppressed and misunderstood by every other and the confusion of what’s an ally and what’s a sycophant. But it was just as true in the way back when as Marxists, Marxists-Leninists, Trotsky-ites, and socialist democrats argued endlessly with Anarchists and the only people who got things done were totalitarians.

There’s a million places talking about what’s wrong on the left, a lot of them run by leftists and liberals, so I’ll short-hand it.

What I find interesting and what no one seems to talk about is what’s right on the right. Not economically, of course because that’s essentially nothing, but in terms of organization from the grassroots to the elites. And I suspect the focus on individuality makes it possible. People on the right don’t worry if someone agrees with them on every exact thing, they care deeply about a few things and leave as much as they can to personal discretion.

On the right you have to be extremely, overtly racist before they figure you’re more harm than good. On the left you just have to be accusable, you get excommunicated for not being not-racist enough. You have to be so not-racist race is all you think about.

On the right there are as many or more people who hate cops. All those truck driving rebels who think justice is best handled by whiskey-fueled gut instinct are in and out of custody a hundred to one on anyone who’d call themselves a leftist. Yet the left, who are the most polite law abiding people generally go on and on about cops being instruments of oppression and kick them out of their events, won’t do the essential community building that means dealing with local police.

This illustrates the crux of the issue. The modern leftist view of identity and demographic treats cops as legion, as a racist hive mind, and the entire institution of policing as a single, broken, lever of society.

The right takes a nuanced view on cops right now. Cops are people and some people are bad, some people are inexperienced, some people are burned out, some people are doing an unpopular job for nowhere near the money they could get in private security. Every situation needs to be weighed a lot of ways. Yet the left views cops in a monolithic way they accuse the mainstream of viewing Islam. I’ll go for a wicked paraphrase and say not all cops are racist and not all racists are cops. If you get outraged at a photo of a cop displaying “Infinite patience” with a gun wielding white guy you’re being a simpleton, you see evidence of racism in the fact that men of different ages, locations, and experience make different choices despite wearing the same shirt to work.

The left has this strange phenomenon of breaking itself into smaller and smaller, hyper specific groups while always claiming the needs of the many…

Even the concept of Intersectionality, which was supposed to bring everyone together in their grievance against… well, everything, just became a way of kicking white women out of feminism, and anyone not trans out of the gender rights movement. It’s the takfir of the left (look it up).

And maybe the core of the problem is the left usually defines itself against things and the mainstream right defines itself by what it’s for. Which makes the right susceptible to manipulation as simple as gun manufacturers getting the NRA to nudge America and say hey, you’re for gun rights, aren’t cha? Even framing a debate as pro-life shows the notion of being for something so strongly you ignore the consequences.

A lot of my anti-right bias is still creeping into this. And that’s the meta problem on the left. Communism takes hold when it’s for the workers but it falls apart when it’s just about hating the rich.

Furthermore I see this in every layer of discourse. There are extremely few people piping up with good ideas or even engaging honestly, we’re inundated with voices that have nothing to offer except their disagreement.


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