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Being seen trying

I was listening to someone talk about their history with eating disorders and they mentioned the first time they sought help it didn’t work. This is common I think with absolutely everything. I heard someone with Lyme disease say the

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Band life

Think about marriage. Some people marry for love and some people marry for money. Sometimes people who marry for love marry people who are marrying for money and now they’re both divorcing for hatred. Now imagine marrying 5 people. Imagine

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The Angry Kitchen Guy, Being Happy At Work

“Conflict at work is often due to a person’s feeling defensive out of a fear of losing face. To prove himself he sets certain goals for how others should treat him, and then expects rigidly that others will fulfill those

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Toxic masculinity, homosexuality, and the status quo

Extremism is always a reaction to a loss of identity. As the middle east became international and cosmopolitan a loss of identity caused two generations of people who aspired not to freeze progress, but to undo it – to take

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Spotlights and blind spots

I’ve never had anyone tell me I’m a bad writer. I was reading professional, life long writers and parsing it for guidance and my internal estimation of how good a writer I am tells me I’m a good writer because

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The myth of single motivation

Our minds like to keep things simple, our minds like to keep other people simple, our minds even try to keep ourselves simple. Oh I know you think you’re complex, you have layers,  because you’re confused about yourself often. Your

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Second guessing vs audience guessing

The Freudian super ego is misunderstood. It’s not about a huge ego it’s about the social mirror, the audience effect. An effect that in all previous societies was turned off most of the time which we now have access to

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