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I was worried

I don’t think any of us are ever in denial about a friend’s depression. We all see it happening, what’s weird is when I see people playacting denial about a friend’s depression, as if it were a strategy. A phrase

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Identity statements

I used to be able to describe myself confidently, no matter who asked, with one compound word – songwriter. I had very deliberately not cultivated any other identity.  Partly because everyone I saw with one foot in music and one

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“The more seriously you treat it, the more fun it is.” I overheard that phrase a long time ago and I think it describes me perfectly. I suck at doing things for fun, for hedonism, however I get a lot

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We are what we pretend to be

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be very careful about what we pretend to be It’s a quote from Kurt Vonnegut that I think about often. And I mostly thought about it in the negative. I

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Be careful about narrating your life

There’s a tendency among creative, daydreamy people to narrate their lives to themselves as they live them. When something good and interesting happens it feels like the start of something, the begin of a chapter, a turning point. Which is

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A dream of a world with authentic advertising

Cheese is bad for you and it’s delicious. I think it’s important to say and instead of but because the statement ‘cheese is bad for you but it’s delicious’ causes you to focus on the word delicious and excuses and

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Pushing Myself Artistically

I heard a theory expressed that the reason artists lose their soul when they give up drugs is that they’re scared of exploring highs and lows. Maintaining sobriety is a balancing act and throwing yourself into serious lows for creative

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