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I highly recommend getting a massage. Our culture is very touch starved, that’s a literal thing. We’re told from a young age that all touch is sexual, to be afraid of being touched because the other person might be enjoying

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Walking down 45th in fall

It’s my decided-to-kill-myself-aversary. Actually it was somewhere in the middle of October, I remember that I was on the C train in the morning, that I said I’d give myself until the 30th to think about killing myself and then

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Your feet stink

My locker at work stinks. It contains my gym clothes and my work clothes. Last night on the treadmill I was cringing that I could smell my shoes as I started running. And I’ve been meaning to do something about

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The self

I remember talking about this a bit last year but I have a much richer insight into it now in my meditative years: The fact that the self is an illusion was something holding me back from recovery, from overcoming

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Do they make you better?

I came across this question in the book How To Fall In Love With Anybody. I’d heard it before but I can’t remember where. It’s the most important thing you can ask about your romantic partner or any relationship really.

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How to practice in your sleep

There’s a maneuver in nunchucking known as infinites. They look like this. Jay and I had both practiced and we we’re getting sloppy versions of them occasionally just out of luck but something was completely missing. Then we both had

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The opposite of a fair weather friend

I have a lingering reputation for being a downer. Which I’ve never aspired to be, of course. Very rarely do I want to take away from the achievement of anyone, let alone a friend. My driving force with people is

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