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The Power Of Playfulness

I was thinking about playfulness as a tool for creativity. Think back to when you were a kid, you and your friends played out immensely creative, immersive, improvised LARPs on a whim. You invented the world and the rules of

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Comfortable With Suicide

I talk really openly about suicide and I wonder if it makes people uncomfortable. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to have been suicidal and I don’t think anyone should be but I wonder if I’m expected to be, or if

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Gratitude anxiety

On his podcast my current hero Jocko Willink spends the first half talking about a book and I just listened to the episode on The Forgotten highlander, an absolutely harrowing tale of being a POW of the Imperial Japanese. And

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What’s Changed?

I keep asking myself what’s changed since I felt adept at writing songs? It was never easy per se but it was common, it was what I did. I worked on Senator’s Daughter for days at a time. I wrote

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External rewards

Mostly how not to use them. In a long term study it was found that kids who participated in charity drives at school were less likely than others to become charitable people as adults. The contributing factor? Prizes. Kids who

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Don’t let feelings dictate behavior

One thing I never want to be is a hypocrite. When I was suicidal last year I saw all the ways people weren’t helping. They wanted to, they even thought they were, but the misconceptions and barriers were all over

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Not because it’ll make you happy

Advice from a depressed person to depressed people. First, get out of bed. No sleeping in, no multiple alarms, no complaining. This is the first win of the day, it sets your hit point meter for the day going up

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