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Being Good

Want to turn around a shitty day? Go help somebody, go protect somebody. Chances are you’ll feel great. If you don’t though, if you do a good thing and still feel a bit shitty that’s fine. Because they don’t feel

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Doing the SATs for fun (4)

Did the final math section today. Supposed to be 55 minutes, I clocked in at 3 hours. It was brutal, it was awful, it was heartbreaking but I did it. And oddly it was not as bad as I expected.

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Doing the SATs for fun (3)

No calculator math section. Supposed to be 25 minutes I took 90. Gave every question everything I had. No comprise, no random guessing, no hoping, I went Winchester on every question. So while this won’t be an accurate mark of

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Doing SATs for fun (2)

Did the second portion of the SATs today – writing and language. You have 35 minutes to do this section and I came in with 3 minutes to spare. Which surprises me a little because I was cruising through it,

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Doing The SATs For Fun (1)

Not fun. I bought a book of SAT practice tests to do over the Christmas break. I’ve always lamented that I don’t have an SAT score to cart around with me and throw in people’s faces when my obviously gargantuan

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My changed feelings about being Sisyphus

I used to identify with The Myth Of Sisyphus a lot because Camus was really my introduction into Existentialism. I knew that Camus said we should imagine Sisyphus happy pushing his boulder but I could never cross that boundary. I

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What I Read This Month

Each month I aim to read a variety of things, something motivational, something historical, maybe one piece of literature, maybe a graphic novel, and almost always a biography. So in December 2017 I read: Anatomy Of Nuremberg, Hunger Makes Me

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