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To Forget Or Not To Forget – Part 2

The Middle: I’d like it if the ballad of Alastair is that he got super healthy and moved to a tiny village on a Japanese island and lived to be a hundred writing with a quill and no one ever

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How To Make Getting Out Of Bed As Easy As Possible

My working definition of a successful life is one with as little friction as possible. Successful people are those who plan for obstacles and then sail passed them on the wings of well laid plans and contingencies. Successful people also

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To Forget Or Not To Forget – Part 1

The Beginning: What does it really mean to move on? It’s strange the things that embarrass us. I’ve been deeply transparent with a lot of things, I’ve talked openly about massive life and death stuff but it’s the seemingly trivial

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What I Read This Month

January 2018. Some food, some science, a depressing chick lit classic, neat brain stuff, and bar fly fantasies, here we go. How Food Works – DK DK essesntial makes grade school text books for adults. Illustrated, informative, I’ve never had

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Further thoughts on In Training Vs In Combat

Sometimes in life you get to decide how hard you want things to be. You get to go to the gym and pick up whatever denomination of weight you’d like and work whatever muscle you’d like as much as you’d

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Inspiration, motivation, and discipline

I’m kind of an inspiration junkie when it comes to working out. I work out in the morning and I work out after work, then tired and sore I’ll come home to take a hot bath with my YouTube subscriptions

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You can’t entertain away depression

I don’t watch comedy. Not as a rule but just as a trend. I don’t enjoy mere entertainment, I need a sense of significance to enjoy something. I suspect it’s just one of the differences between the depressed brain and

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