Solid simple advice

1. The best advice is to take advice. Every worthwhile thing has been said, some of it thousands of years ago, so stop reinventing the wheel of your self indulgent sorrow and just take the advice that’s out there. Wanting to figure it out for yourself or do it your own way is just your ego wanting you to be smarter than recorded history, take the short cut, learn from other people’s painful mistakes rather than continuing to make your own.

2. The single most important thing in life is to not let anything be the single most important thing in life. It’s a romantic notion that loving one person or one thing with all your heart is a purer, specialest ever kind of love but really you’re just setting yourself up on a roller coaster and when you look back the years will seem wasted because in the time you were obsessing on thing A you were ignoring thing B which of course you’re obsessed with now. People who stay mad at exes for years just want to blame someone for the fact that they stopped working on themselves – or anything – the entire time and now have an 8 year gap on their emotional resume.

3. Know we weren’t meant to stay happy. We’re the only creature with a concept of too easy. The human brain is meant to to search; for food, for mates, for shelter, we are meant to build, to hone, to strategize. There is no happily ever after except happily going after new adventures. Just getting slightly better at things you think you suck at will make you happier for longer than the big house or trophy spouse you think will fill that hole inside you. Stop imagining yourself happy and start being happy.


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