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What I Read This Month

March 2018, Analog, Manhood, Scooby Doo, Sex, And Transformers The Mask Of Masculinity – Lewis Howes I was inspired to grab this because the section I opened to was about the mask of humour and that’s something I see a

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Running songs up the flagpole

I mentioned at the open mic Wednesday that Sad Spanish Songs is my most played song on SoundCloud with nearly 3000 while my second most played is around 250, there is someone who listens to Sad Spanish Songs almost everyday.

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Another thing that makes me lucky

I didn’t start working out to get results, to look better. I work out to feel better on a daily basis. I never had any period of frustration because my results were daily, I felt better. It’s typical for people

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Helped vs Saved

We are all inclined to believe our problems are so big only something truly difficult can solve them. When it comes to solutions this where people don’t believe in the power of a lot of little things. A lot of

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I don’t get explosively angry anymore. Mostly I credit floating, eating right, working out and all that but also the learned experience that anger doesn’t work. We’re conditioned unconsciously as children that anger creates fear and fear creates control. It’s

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One way in which I was lucky in the relationship between my drinking and my depression was that I wasn’t drinking to escape the darkness; I was drinking to make it worse. I wanted to be certain, resolute, and unwavering

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Impressed, Proud, and Happy

I have this strange quirk that I hate being congratulated, other people’s pride disgusts me. Yet I love to impress people. When you’re proud of someone you are also saying that you’re not-disappointed; and who the fuck are you to

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