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Love as imperfection

What does it mean to love somebody, does it mean you think that they are perfect or does it mean you accept them for their imperfections? Plot twist, if you think of someone as imperfect and love them “regardless” you

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Evolution is not your friend

Let’s think about lions. Big, majestic, powerful, symbolic-as-fuck lions. People getting tattoos of male lions always seems foolish. It’s female lions that do the the hunting and killing, usually of other species babies which still doesn’t seem to too tattoo

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What I Read This Month

April 2018 – Creativity, Dopamine, Sports Pysche, and Batman So I finally started dog earing pages to write about points in certain books. I hate doing it, (I never want to highlight a book either) but I was just summarizing

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How to build a morning routine

I’ve been cultivating my morning routine for a year now. It started at 8am with: running clothes, headphones (Frank Turner playlist), stretch, jog, sandwich, vitamins, video games. What a glorious summer it was. I started moving my wake up time

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Or don’t

My life was a series of asking myself am I happy? No? Burn it down, start new. Am I happy, no, burn it down, start new. Am I happy? No… And I realized sooner and sooner in each iteration that

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Wanting to be understood is code for wanting to be excused

I was listening to a conversation in the time it takes to wait for a light and cross the street that caused me a growing hate for a stranger that lasted days. This person just wanted to explain why their

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Why kettlebells

Dumbbells are about the weight. I’m just going right to the meta here. When you work out with dumbells they are the focus. You keep all other parts of your body still and move one hinge. Kettlebells are about the

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