There’s-No-Point-If Principle

There’s no point doing something if you’re not going to do all of it.

There’s no point taking St Johns Wort if you’re not going to take 5-htp, there’s no point earning a bunch of money if you’re going to blow it all and have nothing to show for it, there’s no point training muscles if you’re not going to burn fat, there’s no point burning fat if you’re going to keep eating poorly and packing it on, etc.

This principle used to get me in trouble and caused me a lot of nihilism, every thought lead me to having to be perfect and conquer the world from my bedroom or it wasn’t worth doing. Now I’ve learned to take things one step at a time. I got the planks, when they were established I leveled up by doing the cardio, when it was established I leveled up by changing my diet.

One thing that kept me from making changes was the feeling that I had to do everything, no half measures, and that’s true but it doesn’t mean do everything at once. Get a foundation, anything little positive thing; save some money, start doing planks, get to bed on time, and then focus on optimizing that. No point saving money if I’m going to dip into for anything I feel like, no point having core strength if I’ve got no endurance, no point getting into bed on time if I’m going to stare at screen while I’m there and rune my sleep.

Don’t overthink it, don’t try and start on step 3 to save time because you won’t really have the foundation when you falter just get started and then don’t leave gains on the table.

Just make sure not to be a nihilist and back track to zero every time you’re unhappy. Using cynicism as a way to move forward takes some training. Don’t think I’m never going to be skinny, or rich, or skilled, or whatever so there’s no point. There’s nothing for you back there, you’re already unhappy – giving up obviously isn’t going help, you have to be moving in some direction.

There’s no point searching for the path if you’re not going to walk it so you’re here, you’re walking, good job, get better.


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