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What I read this month

May 2018 – mostly work out stuff but also sluts and money! Also life revolves around Time Ferris whether you know it or not. Becoming a Supple Leopard – Kelly Starrett Based on the title…is this the one about sluts…?

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The annoying thing about “a calorie is a calorie” thinking

So a calorie is a calorie is phrase for people who want weight loss to be simple so that there’s no excuses. If you put in more calories than you put out, you’ll gain weight. It’s the sort of platitude

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Race Results

I guess there are people reading this who won’t automatically know so: I ran the half-marathon yesterday. Hurray. A half marathon is 21.1Km. So my time from starting line to finish line according the timing chip was 1:38:23 This puts

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Materialism & Spiritualism

The word Materialism is used primarily to mean consumerism and exclusively as an insult. However, Scientific Materialism is best summed up as the idea that things come from the material, from matter. When I say the feeling of contentment is

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Pain From Pictures

There’s a study referenced in The Hacking of the American Mind where some people in an fMRI were shown a picture of someone who broke their heart and some people were burned on the arm. And yep, the brain looks

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Your body is working against your health

Your body, the thing you feel your mind is in, cannot in anyway take care of itself in the modern world. It needs constant coaching, babysitting, and patience. First of all your body is lazy. If it figures out an

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Don’t take comfort in shared faults

Nobody’s perfect is the most overused, over rated, bullshit thing people say in order to keep being shitty. But there’s an often unsaid even shittier thing that people use to hold themselves back and it’s the belief that we all

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