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Race Week Stuff

Just an off-the-cuff fitness update. My second half marathon is on July 8th, a week away. My first race I was afraid for months and that fear made me diligent. Fear made me diligent and diligence made me strong. This

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Training fasted

I loved training on an empty stomach, running or weights. I just felt cleaner, leaner, more sure I wasn’t confusing my body or messing it up. Exercise draws blood away from the stomach and the digestive process so it’s natural

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In A Utopia

Having just read about utopia and how the idea of utopia changes to reflect the culture and the individual describing it, and knowing what I know about purpose and work and toil and suffering, I think a lot about work.

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What I read this Month

June 2018 – Drugs, fats, crimes, and universal basic income How To Change Your Mind – Micheal Pollan What The New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcedence. Holy subtitles Batman. When I got this

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Everything I Do For Running That Isn’t Running

There are 168 hours in a week and I spend about 2 and a half of them running (on a hard week). Running is the least you can do to get ready for running. So the first thing I incorporated

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Lack of Narrative Self

With the narrative self there’s one way to get it right and a million ways to get it wrong. It puts extreme pressure on everything you do. If you’re honest. Some people’s narrative-self is so strong they are just always

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Life as theater or as investigation

I saw a quote that said something like life is theater, why focus on being who you really are when you could be whoever you want? And it probably had a picture of a drag queen on it. Upon a

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