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What I Read This Month

July 2018 – almost all sports The Performance Cortex – Zach Schonbrun This book is interesting but not useful. It’s primarily about the neurology of sports but it doesn’t tell you about how to train better from a neurological point

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Support The Scene

When people talk about supporting the scene there’s always A) a declaration that they go to shows and spend money; and B) an urging of other people to go to show and spend money. It’s always presented as the core

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How To (And How Not To) Be A Work In Progress

I am eating more sweets now than ever. When I was eating carbs every day I didn’t have sugar cravings (duh, my system was preloaded) and I didn’t reward myself with food because I wasn’t doing any of the things

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Fitness Friday: The Order

People used talk about weights vs cardio and it was dumb because now any sane fitness person will tell you ya need both. Then the talk was never settled about the order of weights and cardio. What I see nowadays

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Men kind of aren’t allowed to fantasies anymore

First of all, Twitter, I know everything everywhere is for men all the time and fuck me. But that’s actually feeding into my point. I see references to guys liking the movie 500 Days Of Summer as if it’s proof

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Depression Triage

When I look back to the time when my life long depression started abating there’s things that happened by accident and things that happened as a matter of course that lead me out. There’s precious little relief in being free

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Running is a test, so why didn’t you study?

I, like all children who have been told they’re very smart, don’t study for tests. (Parents and teachers, you should tell kids you’re proud of how hard-working they are, not praise them for innate intelligence unless you want to sabotage

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