What We Worry About When We Worry About The Left

There’s a video of a bunch of white kids screaming fuck white supremacy at a black woman trying to eat breakfast and then screaming no good cops in a racist system at the also black police officers who become involved.

Anti-racist overreach and over reaction is a real thing.

The reason we hate Nazis is they dehumanize groups of people to justify violence against them but the thing about modern Nazis is they know they’re wrong. They cleaned up their language, their image, they always dot their I’s and cross their T’s and get permits and check with their lawyers and keep their podcasting identities secret because they know, on some level, they’re wrong. They know they don’t align with the majority of white people – the race they’re supposedly out to save – and because they can never be confident they have to be careful.

The new left does not. They shoot from the hip at whatever they feel like because they don’t doubt their righteousness. They have no qualms about being totalitarian, just like early fascist.

They deny objectivity and live in a narrative where nothing has, can, or will get better until we deal with an insidious problem – a massive yet micro, everywhere yet invisible problem represented by a demographic and it’s sympathizers.

No one thinks Ben Shapiro is an Actual Fucking ™ Nazi but he’s close enough we should treat him like shit, it seems. Poor Ben is in the unique group of people hated for being a nazi as well as by nazis. Life never gets easier for the Jews.

We don’t need the 300 white supremacists at a rally to know their wrong. The organism of society is dealing with them through alienation. Their beliefs get stronger in isolation but not their numbers so the infection is handled. Until the auto-immune disease of amoral moralizing mixed with irrational youthful passion kicks in and there’s 3000 kids with bad dye jobs so mobbed up they feel they can do whatever they want.

If you want to fight Actual Fucking ™ Nazis go ahead and fight some actual fucking nazis, they wanna fight you to. But that’s not what’s happening most days most places. People are using leftist moralizing to steal kids hats and chase women out of restaurants. They’re bullying who they can because they can.

Mostly you’re just sharing obnoxious articles about Jordan Peterson to people who already agree with you – whichever side you’re on.

And stop comparing yourself to a WW2 vet. We sent soldiers to fight soldiers, we didn’t wholesale condone the trashing of German shops in New York city. We met indiscriminate violence with appropriate force, we didn’t fight fire with fire wherever we smelled smoke.

I know we’re tired. We’re all tired.

But evidently no one is too tired to be shitty. We’re not going to solve anything by fighting about who’s morally superior. Especially since the default comparison is Nazis.

Yes, we have to do something about people using free speech irresponsibly in a mass media environment where people can be swayed through drilling repetition. (And as an answer to the libertarian in my head – free speech doesn’t mean free from responsibility, be a fucking citizen).

But we’re in a time that only punishes and no one learns through only punishment. Hell, we could be headed for another cultural 1980s where the passion of the youth has burnt everyone out, everyone becomes hedonistic nihilists and the conservatives quietly reign and ruin the world.

That’s what they do. The real bad guys are killing us with zoning laws and no one lifts a finger because they’re too busying gesturing violently for social media.


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