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There’s a real divergence in my music online, different people find me on different things and different songs become popular – almost crafting a different persona for each site.


Drastically underutilized but it is how Evan and I met so there’s that. Also it’s where the bonus recordings from Nine Chains To The Moon have the lamest title, I did it first thing in the morning hungover and spiteful. Pride Of My Hometown is most popular on here.

Also, the only place you can hear Greystone Gardens


Fingers crossed that works, Spotify gets a little mystical when you’re an artist and a subscriber but look me up, listen and subscribe because I’d like to have more fans than Evan. War Of Whisky is my most popular song on here.


I’ll use this site for ideas so it’s got different content than others. It’s got the studio albums, not the Nine Chains bonus stuff, and home demos. So if you want to listen to stuff off Minimum Wage Music this is where you can. It’s also where, for reasons totally unknown, the very-first-not-that-good-recording of Sad Spanish Songs gets listened to twice (at least) everyday. 2421 plays as of this writing. Twice a day is actually the lowest average it’s had, it got played 930 times it’s first year online. No idea why, I’m baffled by this.


I’m on here as a musician and as a… content creator? There’s official music and there’s unofficial music and there’s non-music videos like me reciting what I can (so far) from memory of The Great Gatsby, swinging nunchucks, mocking memes, whatever. Plus I make a lot of cool playlists – at least… I’ve been meaning to make a lot of cool playlists. I have no videos with more than ten views, I’m pretty sure.

Facebook Page

So the big book banned third-party auto uploads to profiles and suggested everyone create pages (like bands and stuff have) because they want us to pay for boosted posts. Because they suck. I’m unsure of what to do with the page other than auto-post the blog, really. I should link it to my other stuff I guess… which is what I’m doing now because this will autopost there… I’m blowing my own mind right now.


I think of twitter like graffiti. You think of something interesting and extremely brief then you put it up and walk away. Since a tweet from any point in your life can one day get you fired if you become the least bit noteworthy I chicken out of saying anything… anything. I chicken out of saying anything. Plus my mom’s on there.


My feed is 90% Crossfit and two porn stars and I only ever posted anything when I was on vacation which was, frankly, a hit. It was raining likes that week. So… get stoked for next summer if you want to see me on there for whatever reason.


The Blog. This blog, the one you’re reading right now. Meta.

Holy fuck I have a lot more internet presence than I thought. Seems a bit unworthy really but here I am.




Singer/songwriter, jerk.

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