Song: Finish Line

Formerly known as I’ll Stay Away and probably called I’ll Still Stay Away if it ever gets requested.

This song is about deciding not to reconnect with people. People you’ve hurt. Partly because it’s the fact that you hurt them that made you start being a better person and partly because just because you’ve gotten better doesn’t mean you get to be a part of their life again.

You hurt them because you’re selfish and it would be nearly as selfish to show up again, implying they should forgive you on your timeline, and say look I’m good enough now that it should undo everything.

Being better, being humble, means admitting some people don’t need you and your desire for redemption isn’t more important than their stability without you.

But also, selfishly, it’s about how when you start getting better (or accurately – stop being so shitty) because you royally fucked something up you don’t want to unfuck that, let it hurt forever so you don’t forget to be better than that. No closure, no peace, only progress.


Singer/songwriter, jerk.

Posted in Depression & Suicide, Songwriting
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