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Auditioning For My Job

There’s a line in Lost Connection’s chapter loss of meaningful work in which a woman says she felt like she was auditioning every day at her own job. The lack of career path and job security is an increasing worry

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Things I Think About My Funeral

Funerals are theatre. Weddings are merely ritual, they are for the participants and primarily the participants’ parents. Those who do the planning are the audience and everyone else is just spectator. Funerals though have an audience and something is supposed

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Writing About Writing About My Funeral

I almost never put a disclaimer at the top of a post but I fucking hate the way people act when I write about (a personal favourite topic of mine) funerals. Namely my own. People act like cunts whenever I

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The Rehearsal Machine

Your brain does not live in the moment. It’s lives 80 milliseconds in the past but I’ll spare you that. What I’m talking about it that your brain is trying to live in the future. It’s watching moving objects and

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Gratitude and Homelessness

Once again the idea that gratitude is the path to happiness has been rammed down my throat. The book I’m reading has the typical story of the athlete who gets injured, seems to lose everything but then he’s got a

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What I Read This Month

Technically last month, I almost forgot to do this post. November 2018 just… depression. Lost Connections – Johann Hari Uncovering the real causes of depression and the unexpected solutions I’ve written about this book already because it’s so spot on.

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Sometimes it’s harder doing something subsequent times

The first time you do something it’s just a test, it’s just a bench mark. The first time I ran 10k was like mediation on amphetamines; watching all these thoughts and sensations rise and fall with lightning speed and intensity.

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