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How To (And How Not To) Be A Work In Progress

I am eating more sweets now than ever. When I was eating carbs every day I didn’t have sugar cravings (duh, my system was preloaded) and I didn’t reward myself with food because I wasn’t doing any of the things

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Depression Triage

When I look back to the time when my life long depression started abating there’s things that happened by accident and things that happened as a matter of course that lead me out. There’s precious little relief in being free

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When Tim Ferris got his dad eating right and working out for a year his dad’s doctor remarked you’re ten years younger now than your last visit. Chronological age is really just trivia. The age of your body is a

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Your Feelings Don’t Have To Be Scientifically Accurate

Without knowing I suffered under the weight of my own objectivity for a long. Objectively it doesn’t matter where you live; you could live in a palace or a crack den you’re still just as alive and still going to

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Lack of Narrative Self

With the narrative self there’s one way to get it right and a million ways to get it wrong. It puts extreme pressure on everything you do. If you’re honest. Some people’s narrative-self is so strong they are just always

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Life as theater or as investigation

I saw a quote that said something like life is theater, why focus on being who you really are when you could be whoever you want? And it probably had a picture of a drag queen on it. Upon a

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Don’t be protective of your depression

I wanted to put the your in the title in quotation marks (but I just find then so damn ugly) because the depression isn’t yours, it doesn’t belong to you, it’s happening to you. If you spend enough time on

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