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Being Mistaken For Angry

It’s been happening to me a lot again lately. People tell me I was angry yesterday or that I seemed to hate somebody and I have no idea what they’re talking about. And it’s not because I lack self-awareness –

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Self Image

Body image is something I never thought about until, like, last year. I had a body image of course but in a total unconscious way. Body image didn’t matter when I was growing up. There wasn’t a cultural obsession like

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I wasn’t going to write about Thanksgiving but now that the obvious time to do so has passed I feel like it. Or actually it’s just sincerely on my mind now whereas it wasn’t on or before the supposed day

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Ugh, My Mind

It’s a paradoxical thing to say but first instinct is to write my mind is driving me crazy. All it wants to do is rehearse arguments that will never happen and relive ancient annoyances that will never be corrected. I

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A Saturday Post

I’m hungover. And I was listening to Greystone Gardens. I realized that I’ve only listened to Greystone 3 times since the band broke up and two of the three were while hungover (the other was while predrinking before seeing Rob

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The Sunday Post

Someone said a while ago that the blog was now just whatever was floating through my head. To which I replied that that was all it ever was. But I acknowledge that what goes through my head has changed a

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Anti Rest

I’m still struggling with rest, as I wrote in a post last month called The Struggle To Rest. And once again I’m coming off a 21k race, coincidence? No. You rest before a race and you rest after. It’s a

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