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Pain From Pictures

There’s a study referenced in The Hacking of the American Mind where some people in an fMRI were shown a picture of someone who broke their heart and some people were burned on the arm. And yep, the brain looks

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Don’t take comfort in shared faults

Nobody’s perfect is the most overused, over rated, bullshit thing people say in order to keep being shitty. But there’s an often unsaid even shittier thing that people use to hold themselves back and it’s the belief that we all

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Your cortisol levels

We all know people who make situations stressful, they make little things into big things. They bring it with them into a room. And we tend to council these people to use their will power to stay calm after a

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Feeling disqualified from fitness

The only diet one can be disqualified from for a single infraction is Ketosis. Because it’s a biological process that is interrupted by the presence of carbs. No one I know is in keto nor do I think myself or

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What’s adaptation and what’s acceptance

Life is a prison we’re born into and you can make yourself miserable dreaming of escape, transcendence, or you can become institutionalized and find happiness. On paper we all think that sounds terrible. We romanticize dreaming of escape because in

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You Need To Change Your Biochemistry First

There’s a misleading idea out there that serotonin and happiness are related. They’re not related, they’re the same thing. Serotonin binding to it’s 1a receptor producing a feeling of satisfaction with life. (and binding to it’s 2a receptor makes those

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Or don’t

My life was a series of asking myself am I happy? No? Burn it down, start new. Am I happy, no, burn it down, start new. Am I happy? No… And I realized sooner and sooner in each iteration that

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