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Sobriety Day 80

So I’ve been down with a cold this week and it gave me an epiphany – as feeling like shit often sometimes does. The epiphany was that I hadn’t felt like shit at all this year. Not once had I

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Sobriety Day 61

Officially now the longest period of sobriety of my adult life. 29 days to go. Last night I was reminded of the reason for social drinking, the external reason to drink rather than the internal. I spent an hour drinking

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I’m really good at relaxing, I’m really good at celebrating, and I’m really good at a kind of celebratory relaxation. If I’ve done enough to feel I’ve earned. If my internal grade for a day is in the 90%s I

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Sobriety Day 46

I haven’t been writing about sobriety this year because there’s just so little to say. In other years drinking and sobriety were linked to my depression or big changes in my life and myself and this year everything went it

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How To Deal With A Bully’s-Eye-View Of Yourself

At the start of this post – I don’t know. Maybe, hopefully, by the end I’ll have figured something out. That’s why I write, that’s what writing is for. It comes up a lot for me that I don’t like

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The Perfectionism Of Drunks

In my drinking years I thought the only way to get better was to stop drinking entirely forever. And since I wasn’t willing/able to do that I automatically continued drinking entirely forever. I heard it from other blossoming young drunks

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One month of sobriety down, two to go. I notice during all my sobriety binges that consumer purchases go up, especially impulse buys, and there’s a struggle to have things to look forward too. When I was waiting for the

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