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Sobriety Binge Day 12

So two things of note: One, I gave myself some permissions with sugar. Of all kinds, french fries to dairy milks, yesterday. Not too different from a normal Friday but my thought process was the menu’s totally open because I

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A Saturday Post

I’m hungover. And I was listening to Greystone Gardens. I realized that I’ve only listened to Greystone 3 times since the band broke up and two of the three were while hungover (the other was while predrinking before seeing Rob

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A lot of people pride themselves on working while hungover. They’re insistent and defensive that they work as hard or harder than anyone. It’s like running uphill in 40 pounds of body armour. Yeah, you’re working hard but the other

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Dopamine Cycles

One of the ways in which I think I’m quite lucky is that I’m a terrible cynic and when something stops making me happy I accept it as the natural course of this miserable life and stop doing it. I

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Updated sobriety

When I quit drinking part of it was being scared I’d turn into the drunk guy I hate, the aging Wolfman’s regarding who talked too much, ¬†laughed at his own jokes, roped people into conversations, and smelled bad. And rather

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Sobriety day zero again

This story ends where it starts. I woke up on Red’s couch, not alone, not dressed, had some coffee, then some rum, one roommate likes me more (which I enjoyed), the other a lot less (which I enjoyed more), and

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Sobriety day 39

Had dinner with Jay Tuesday night. We talked about my instant decay of positive experiences so I noticed on the train ride home when I started to decompress but it hasn’t gone away completely, surprisingly. There was a moment at

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