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“Overweight is overlooked, and that’s how I need to be.”

I’m reading Lost Connections (subtitle: Uncovering the real causes of depression and the unexpected solutions) and above is a quote from an obese woman who, like most in the experimental group she was in, lost a lot of weight quickly

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Fitness Friday: Just An Update

So this week I got my 19 in 90 bench mark. 19 kilometers in 90 minutes. Made it by 3 seconds and felt like I was going to puke. Got my Tuesday swim. Fasted Wednesday, the first work day that

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Getting from list to life

Things get from list to life – from idea to reality – when there’s nothing more important to do. When you wound up binging Netflix instead of working on whatever it’s because you thought relaxing was more important. Maybe you

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I fasted yesterday (Sunday, for readers in the distant future), no problem. It’s easy to do but the challenges are still surprising. I noticed the expected irritability in the afternoon but in the evening I felt frail. My heart sped

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Sometimes there’s time and sometimes there isn’t

Right before I heard about Carla’s passing I was thinking about having her sing some vocals on a record, the backing vocals on Wish I knew. No idea when I was planning on making the record but I figured I

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Definable You

Another thing I picked up from the book The Brave Athlete is the notion of the Definable You. Meaning your stats, what’s objectively true. Your height and weight, your age – all totally objective things. So is the numbers of

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Healing Identities

So right after I wrote that post on Sunday which talked a lot about artistic identity I went to the bookstore and picked up a book I had my eye on called The Brave Athlete: Calm The Fuck Down And

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