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Baby Steps & Optimism

One quirk of my life being a health guy is people like to tell me when they’ve done something good. At work all the time if someone opts for a salad they’re like, hey, check it out, I opted for

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What I’m Doing With My Lists Right Now

I’m list guy, love lists. So much of what I loved about music, and songwriting, and being in bands – was making lists. It’s the new year and everybody making ambitious, world conquering to-do lists and that’s great. And if

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Athletes, Alcoholics, and Self-Punishment

Watching Crossfit I heard athletes talk about how, when they had a bad event, a bad race or lift or whatever, they had to put it behind them. We’v all heard this a million times. Athletes just gotta dust themselves

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New Year, New Morning

For you, not for me, my morning’s are already pretty strong. I just started reading Own The Day by Aubrey Marcus and his optimal morning is what I was already doing. His foremost piece of advice is Water, Light, Movement.

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Sobriety Binge 2019 Day One

Still pretty drunk. We were slamming Southern Comfort, champagne, and Steam Whistle quite firmly at midnight. I went to bed at 4:30. It’s 11:30 now and I’m struggling to write this. I’m not exactly inspired to be a Spartan but

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The danger of being too sciencey

I know it’s sacrilegious (ambivalence intended) to say one can invoke too much science but here’s what I’m thinking… There’s a study on intermittent fasting I heard about recently that gave two groups the exact same amount of calories in

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Hot and Cold

My all-time favourite Katy Perry song. But this is about temperature. Most people aspire to be one, comfortable, temperature all the time and this is wrong. It rouses contempt in your literal heart. One of the best things you can

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