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The Body-Mind Connection

We all know about the placebo effect, yes? The mind can effect change in the body. What doesn’t get acknowledge as much in our culture that praises the intellect as superhuman and sort of disdains the physical as merely human

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Race day

  Night Before Bar hopping, wasted on gin! On Route to Race Fantastic conditions. This is, unedited, what I wrote on the way to the race grounds. This is the doom race. Internally I’ve got a bleeding tooth and stomach

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I’ve Been Slipping

Confession time, I didn’t hold the line last week. Smallest things first there was a bunch of soda at work, I ate a bunch of fried food because I told myself I was overtraining (because it’s race week, more in

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Things That Might Wreck Your Run

Human beings are seemingly the only animal built to run long distances. Every other creature goes for bursts of speed and agility. So if something is holding you back from running it’s holding you back from being human. Like other

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Fitness Friday: Getting Your Starting Weights

This is another post in the spirit of first steps no one tells you about. And my worry isn’t that you’ll go too heavy and hurt yourself, my worry is you’ll start light and stay light and not see any

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I think you’re listening to the jocko podcast wrong

We don’t need more advice. I am one of 3 people I know who listens to the Jocko podcast and the only one listening in chronological order. The other two skip around and mostly listen to the Q&A episode because

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How To Run And Keep Running

If you want to enjoy training you need to train yourself to enjoy. Step one of all training should be enjoy it, consciously enjoy training, keep your level of enjoyment at the forefront of your mind. Remember that you want

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