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Running is a test, so why didn’t you study?

I, like all children who have been told they’re very smart, don’t study for tests. (Parents and teachers, you should tell kids you’re proud of how hard working they are, not praise them for innate intelligence unless you want to

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When Tim Ferris got his dad eating right and working out for a year his dad’s doctor remarked you’re ten years younger now than your last visit. Chronological age is really just trivia. The age of your body is a

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Running – what’s an advantage

Drug is one of those words than everyone knows and uses but can’t pin down a definition and Performance Enhancing Drug is even harder. If I eat a smart breakfast and you don’t I’m going to beat you on race

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Race Results

95 minutes. Got my goal time and a new best in the half marathon. This race had some gnarly hills, narrow paths, crowded packs of runners, the sun and trees along the course creating a strobe light in my peripheral

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Building Up Fitness Routines

My first fitness routine was running 5 days a week and resting 2. Then I had braces on both knees. My second fitness routine was running Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and resting in between. So some lessons were learned right there.

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Fitness and Social Media

It’ll be easy to say that it’s ironic that I’m posting on social media to criticize posting on social media so I’ve got to ice-break this moment for myself and declare that no it isn’t and that’s a dumb thing

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Race Week Stuff

Just an off-the-cuff fitness update. My second half marathon is on July 8th, a week away. My first race I was afraid for months and that fear made me diligent. Fear made me diligent and diligence made me strong. This

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