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Getting from list to life

Things get from list to life – from idea to reality – when there’s nothing more important to do. When you wound up binging Netflix instead of working on whatever it’s because you thought relaxing was more important. Maybe you

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Sometimes there’s time and sometimes there isn’t

Right before I heard about Carla’s passing I was thinking about having her sing some vocals on a record, the backing vocals on Wish I knew. No idea when I was planning on making the record but I figured I

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Materialism & Spiritualism

The word Materialism is used primarily to mean consumerism and exclusively as an insult. However, Scientific Materialism is best summed up as the idea that things come from the material, from matter. When I say the feeling of contentment is

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Pain From Pictures

There’s a study referenced in The Hacking of the American Mind where some people in an fMRI were shown a picture of someone who broke their heart and some people were burned on the arm. And yep, the brain looks

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Your cortisol levels

We all know people who make situations stressful, they make little things into big things. They bring it with them into a room. And we tend to council these people to use their will power to stay calm after a

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Impressed, Proud, and Happy

I have this strange quirk that I hate being congratulated, other people’s pride disgusts me. Yet I love to impress people. When you’re proud of someone you are also saying that you’re not-disappointed; and who the fuck are you to

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Comfortable With Suicide

I talk really openly about suicide and I wonder if it makes people uncomfortable. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to have been suicidal and I don’t think anyone should be but I wonder if I’m expected to be, or if

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