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Pain From Pictures

There’s a study referenced in The Hacking of the American Mind where some people in an fMRI were shown a picture of someone who broke their heart and some people were burned on the arm. And yep, the brain looks

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Your cortisol levels

We all know people who make situations stressful, they make little things into big things. They bring it with them into a room. And we tend to council these people to use their will power to stay calm after a

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Impressed, Proud, and Happy

I have this strange quirk that I hate being congratulated, other people’s pride disgusts me. Yet I love to impress people. When you’re proud of someone you are also saying that you’re not-disappointed; and who the fuck are you to

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Comfortable With Suicide

I talk really openly about suicide and I wonder if it makes people uncomfortable. I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to have been suicidal and I don’t think anyone should be but I wonder if I’m expected to be, or if

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