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Approval (Part 2)

And I know women have felt the same way. Women don’t get treated as if they’re equivalent to a rapist when they complain about getting friend zoned but that’s what’s happening, I’ve listened to women lament about their one of

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Approval (part 1)

When people talk about how guys will do anything for sex the implication is that guys, therefore, do everything for sex. This is not true. Literally couldn’t be or society would have ceased growing after the construct of monogamy and

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Men kind of aren’t allowed to fantasies anymore

First of all, Twitter, I know everything everywhere is for men all the time and fuck me. But that’s actually feeding into my point. I see references to guys liking the movie 500 Days Of Summer as if it’s proof

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Favored belief structures

We’re gonna look at two big tents of beliefs, actions, dress, ideology, etc: Islam and punk. Both have a spectrum from harmless to posers to complete rabbit-hole nutjobs. Both have ideas about what a person should eat and why. Punk

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Enforced Monogamy

If you can’t get laid it’s because you’re awful to be around. All the chatter out there about redistribution of sex and enforced monogamy is forgetting that one piece of apparently ancient wisdom. The stereotype that’s building in my head

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Oh fuck, it’s about gender

I’ve never in my life met a man who wanted to hurt women yet I hear from a lot of guys a defensiveness as if they’re scared they have. And as annoying as it is to listen to someone defending

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Gratitude and luck

  As I continue to think about gratitude the closest I’ve really gotten is a feeling of being lucky I met someone specific. Moments in life where it couldn’t have been anyone. Finding 20 dollars is luck, having someone give

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