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Self Image

Body image is something I never thought about until, like, last year. I had a body image of course but in a total unconscious way. Body image didn’t matter when I was growing up. There wasn’t a cultural obsession like

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The New Sex-Negative

Let’s talk about ‘slutty’ Halloween costumes. Right now everyone’s completely tired of them, they’ve been growing in popularity and shrinking in creativity for like ten years. I get that. But right off the bat I’m going to point out that

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Taking To Everyone At Once

I think I said this before but it’s unlikely most people reading now would have seen it the first time and/or anyone would realize they’re reading it a second time. Anyway, I often write with one specific person in mind.

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The Creep Factor

There are guys who don’t think they’re creeps who aren’t creeps.Not thinking you’re a creep is considered the sign of the creep these days but statistically they can’t all be creeps. In the four quadrants possible in this arrangement they’re

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I think you’re listening to the jocko podcast wrong

We don’t need more advice. I am one of 3 people I know who listens to the Jocko podcast and the only one listening in chronological order. The other two skip around and mostly listen to the Q&A episode because

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What We Worry About When We Worry About The Left

There’s a video of a bunch of white kids screaming fuck white supremacy at a black woman trying to eat breakfast and then screaming no good cops in a racist system at the also black police officers who become involved.

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How To Be A Good White Person Changed Over My Life Time

“I Don’t See Race.” Used to be the call sign of smug self-identifying liberal youth when I was young and now it’s the refrain of right wing pundits. Being colour blind used to be the dream. To the point of

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