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Don’t rely on subtext

In songwriting I learned to start with the point. I’d think what do I want this song to be about in one sentence(?) and then I’d make that sentence the opening line. It caused me to build outward and explore

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I highly recommend getting a massage. Our culture is very touch starved, that’s a literal thing. We’re told from a young age that all touch is sexual, to be afraid of being touched because the other person might be enjoying

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The gift of parameters

We all get choice paralysis when it comes to food sometimes, being satiated on all your options and not knowing what new thing to try or just being hungry enough that everything sounds good. We prosperous people could eat almost

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There have been many times in my life where I’ve felt the realization that I don’t enjoy anything. There were times that felt awful and times that didn’t but for years nothing felt over the baseline of existence. I’ve been

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Identity statements

I used to be able to describe myself confidently, no matter who asked, with one compound word – songwriter. I had very deliberately not cultivated any other identity.  Partly because everyone I saw with one foot in music and one

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We are what we pretend to be

We are what we pretend to be, so we must be very careful about what we pretend to be It’s a quote from Kurt Vonnegut that I think about often. And I mostly thought about it in the negative. I

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A dream of a world with authentic advertising

Cheese is bad for you and it’s delicious. I think it’s important to say and instead of but because the statement ‘cheese is bad for you but it’s delicious’ causes you to focus on the word delicious and excuses and

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