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On A Saying I Fucking Hate

You always fucking hear “Without darkness we wouldn’t know light” or any bullshit like that. And it honestly makes me want to punch people. Then ten minutes later ask “Does your face feel better now than before because you have

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Nerd culture

And what I don’t like about it. I’m mentally preparing myself for all the shit I’m going to take for this so try to remember these are thoughts not judgements, I’m not casting myself as objectively superior to nerds anymore

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Telling better stories: middles

A few weeks ago I helped someone with a writing project and having to explain things that I understand intuitively opened my eyes to a lot of things about the way we communicate. So what I’m going to talk about

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On Justice And Revenge

I read a quote once, which I can’t find now, about how after a crime has been committed police are simply in the business of revenge. I think about it a lot and in our social media age how we’ve

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Religion and interpretation

My original posts on religion were about what i saw as people’s unwillingness to discuss it and instead falling back on tropes. It did generate some brief discussion which took place in the form of facebook comments, a forum that

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A beginner’s guide to stage presence

I’ve seen a bunch of great bands this week, one local but mostly larger touring acts and I contrast that with the local shows I’m accustomed to, the open mics and battles of the bands. Some performers really have it

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Another Talk About The Scene

As always when I get a chance to hang out with Tony Janicki (of Black Earth and Conniving Cadavers) we talk about the scene and possibilities for improving it. So there’s this idea of over-playing which I don’t entirely subscribe

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