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What We Worry About When We Worry About The Left

There’s a video of a bunch of white kids screaming fuck white supremacy at a black woman trying to eat breakfast and then screaming no good cops in a racist system at the also black police officers who become involved.

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How To Be A Good White Person Changed Over My Life Time

“I Don’t See Race.” Used to be the call sign of smug self-identifying liberal youth when I was young and now it’s the refrain of right wing pundits. Being colour blind used to be the dream. To the point of

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Support The Scene

When people talk about supporting the scene there’s always A) a declaration that they go to shows and spend money; and B) an urging of other people to go to show and spend money. It’s always presented as the core

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Fitness and Social Media

It’ll be easy to say that it’s ironic that I’m posting on social media to criticize posting on social media so I’ve got to ice-break this moment for myself and declare that no it isn’t and that’s a dumb thing

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Most humans have an ingrained urge to show their willingness to sacrifice themselves for something. Back in our monkey-tribe days it was important to signal that you wouldn’t put your own needs ahead of the group – in fact quite

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While I just learned this term a few weeks ago, when most people did, I actually was aware of this type of guy for a long time. In fact I said once if I could magic wand anything in the

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The leftist strategy against Jordan Peterson and why it isn’t working

Among leftists social shame works wonders. Convince someone they’ve used outdated parlance and they’ll practically commit seppuku. Sadly for them the strategy of what-would-hurt-me-will-hurt-others isn’t true here. But what’s the first thing you do when you pick up the remote,

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