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Sex Is Not Something That A Woman Merely Allows To Happen

I’ve been trying to write this for a long time and all the hasttagsexstrike stuff seems like a hot enough anvil. The idea that sex is something a woman is holding onto and she grants to men for saying or

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Power That Comes From Violence Makes You A Piece Of Shit

I’m reading a book on Honor right now and the author asks that we keep an open mind about the positives of honor cultures and not focus on the negative. Which I can’t seem to do. Jumping right in, honor

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Another Look At Nostalgia

I wrote in the past about soothing versus satisfying, how we all engage in soothing repetitive behaviors like watching Comfort Shows or eating the same Foods. And yet how things can be more deeply satisfying even if we have done

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Why we don’t care about John Woo films anymore

While not drinking right now my way of looking forward to the weekend is to order a movie from Amazon, wait for it to arrive, and wait til Friday night to watch it. So I’m collecting a lot of semi-obscure

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New Music In One’s 30’s

I heard a long time ago, and repeatedly since, that people stop listening to new music at age 33. I’d actually been afraid immediately after high school that I’d become one of those guys who thinks all the best bands

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A Different Heaven

I used to own Chuck Klosterman’s Hypertheticals. A series of card questions meant to get interesting answers out of normal people. Problem was I don’t bother to hang out with normal people and I got tired of default interesting answers

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Auditioning For My Job

There’s a line in Lost Connection’s chapter loss of meaningful work in which a woman says she felt like she was auditioning every day at her own job. The lack of career path and job security is an increasing worry

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