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Being on stage

There’s a difference between being able to do something and being good at it. Everyone can fuck, for example. I seem good at being on stage compared to others because I can do it whereas many people find it hard

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Songwriting break through

I remember when I was writing the songs that would become the album Nine Chains To The Moon, I felt like I was doing some good stuff and I’d get some kind of record out it eventually. Then when Pride

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Pushing Myself Artistically

I heard a theory expressed that the reason artists lose their soul when they give up drugs is that they’re scared of exploring highs and lows. Maintaining sobriety is a balancing act and throwing yourself into serious lows for creative

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Best band in the world

The phrase you could be the best band in the world but… gets thrown around a lot. Usually in the context of the hustle, the grind, the dick sucking everyone thinks they have to do to make it. It’s taken

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Spotlights and blind spots

I’ve never had anyone tell me I’m a bad writer. I was reading professional, life long writers and parsing it for guidance and my internal estimation of how good a writer I am tells me I’m a good writer because

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Everything But Writing Songs

I’ve been covering a lot of ground lately. I’m editing videos, cranking out blogs, I’m jogging now, I’m reading tons, listening to podcasts; I feel extremely active and busy. And most importantly I feel in control of my energy and

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Songwriter’s Dilemma

At the most recent cafĂ© absinthe I debuted 3 new songs as promised. It’s important to me right now to be writing and moving forward and I’ve been enjoying talking about the songs as I’m working on them, although I’m

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