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Song: Finish Line

Formerly known as I’ll Stay Away and probably called I’ll Still Stay Away if it ever gets requested. This song is about deciding not to reconnect with people. People you’ve hurt. Partly because it’s the fact that you hurt them

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Me On The Internet

There’s a real divergence in my music online, different people find me on different things and different songs become popular – almost crafting a different persona for each site. Bandcamp Drastically underutilized but it is how Evan and I met

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On The Subject Of Practice

There are two ways the cliche Practice Makes Perfect has been disrespected that I endorse. 1, a wise person pointed out to Michael Jordan that if you’re practicing wrong all you’re doing is getting better at doing it wrong. Practice

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A long time ago I uploaded all the demos I had for my next record just because I wasn’t really working on them and I thought a little feedback in the form of plays and likes would motivate me to

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Support The Scene

When people talk about supporting the scene there’s always A) a declaration that they go to shows and spend money; and B) an urging of other people to go to show and spend money. It’s always presented as the core

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Being on stage

There’s a difference between being able to do something and being good at it. Everyone can fuck, for example. I seem good at being on stage compared to others because I can do it whereas many people find it hard

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Songwriting break through

I remember when I was writing the songs that would become the album Nine Chains To The Moon, I felt like I was doing some good stuff and I’d get some kind of record out it eventually. Then when Pride

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