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Spotlights and blind spots

I’ve never had anyone tell me I’m a bad writer. I was reading professional, life long writers and parsing it for guidance and my internal estimation of how good a writer I am tells me I’m a good writer because

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Everything But Writing Songs

I’ve been covering a lot of ground lately. I’m editing videos, cranking out blogs, I’m jogging now, I’m reading tons, listening to podcasts; I feel extremely active and busy. And most importantly I feel in control of my energy and

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Songwriter’s Dilemma

At the most recent cafĂ© absinthe I debuted 3 new songs as promised. It’s important to me right now to be writing and moving forward and I’ve been enjoying talking about the songs as I’m working on them, although I’m

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Telling better stories: middles

A few weeks ago I helped someone with a writing project and having to explain things that I understand intuitively opened my eyes to a lot of things about the way we communicate. So what I’m going to talk about

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One Difficulty Of Being A Songwriter And A Whole Person

A long time ago I heard a theory that stuck with me, someone was talking about how singers who are former addicts stop writing good music (which is true) and this person figured it was because once you’ve recovered from

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It’s a construct that gets mentioned a lot without a thought of what it really means. As I’ve been thinking about it this week I’d define respect as modifying ones behaviour to acknowledge the priorities of someone else. That’s wordy.

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That’s a lot to put on a drummer

I used that phrase when talking about the band lately with Jay. We were sitting by the river drinking tequila. He asked what the ultimate goal was for me and I said I know what I truly want from a

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