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Sometimes there’s time and sometimes there isn’t

Right before I heard about Carla’s passing I was thinking about having her sing some vocals on a record, the backing vocals on Wish I knew. No idea when I was planning on making the record but I figured I

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Healing Identities

So right after I wrote that post on Sunday which talked a lot about artistic identity I went to the bookstore and picked up a book I had my eye on called The Brave Athlete: Calm The Fuck Down And

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Self Image

Body image is something I never thought about until, like, last year. I had a body image of course but in a total unconscious way. Body image didn’t matter when I was growing up. There wasn’t a cultural obsession like

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I’m rarely right about songs

As a songwriter of course there’s no way of knowing how important a song will be when writing it. Working on songs right now feels so inconsequential, smaller than when I was a teenager literally writing for just myself. And

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A Saturday Post

I’m hungover. And I was listening to Greystone Gardens. I realized that I’ve only listened to Greystone 3 times since the band broke up and two of the three were while hungover (the other was while predrinking before seeing Rob

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Song: Finish Line

Formerly known as I’ll Stay Away and probably called I’ll Still Stay Away if it ever gets requested. This song is about deciding not to reconnect with people. People you’ve hurt. Partly because it’s the fact that you hurt them

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Me On The Internet

There’s a real divergence in my music online, different people find me on different things and different songs become popular – almost crafting a different persona for each site. Bandcamp Drastically underutilized but it is how Evan and I met

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