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I’m often worried about other people being in pain I’m not seeing, not helping with. I know that when I’m truly in crisis I’m disengaged. My behaviour is erratic, I’m quiet sometimes but not hostilely so, loud fun and social

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Being a good boyfriend

I hear women complain about their boyfriends everyday, and especially every night because we usually drink. The thing that used to bother me is that women having these conversations don’t often think about leaving. They rationalize that their boyfriend isn’t

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Writing about death

Josanna made a comment after she first met Olivia that it was a good fit, her working in the death business, because I need someone who comfortable with the amount I talk about death and dying. I hadn’t thought about

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Couch surfing chronicles

At the end of January I decided to keep couch surfing for another month because I felt I hadn’t gotten the experience I wanted, although I was still unclear what that experience was supposed to be. I just knew there

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The death of Stuart McLean

Little known fact that my song After The War is inspired by a Remembrance Day episode of Vinyl Cafe. I downloaded a bunch of episodes onto my iPod and I remember distinctly being on a bus in front of Mount

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Are you actually talking to me?

I’ve given up talking politics with people.  Because it’s not a conversation between two people anymore, there’s no sharing, no insight or growth. And it’s not because discussion has become vitrolic and shitty and people argue – I wouldn’t mind

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Catastrophic thinking

I can feel the depressive thoughts around the periphery of my mind when I’m at work. Things are in a new chapter bit still up in the air. Nothing is wrong yet except the vibe that somethings wrong and yet

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