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Depression Triage

When I look back to the time when my life long depression started abating there’s things that happened by accident and things that happened as a matter of course that lead me out. There’s precious little relief in being free

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Running is a test, so why didn’t you study?

I, like all children who have been told they’re very smart, don’t study for tests. (Parents and teachers, you should tell kids you’re proud of how hard working they are, not praise them for innate intelligence unless you want to

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When Tim Ferris got his dad eating right and working out for a year his dad’s doctor remarked you’re ten years younger now than your last visit. Chronological age is really just trivia. The age of your body is a

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Coining a new word – Plantasy

A fantasy is something that is pleasurable because of its unreality. The word gets used most in terms of sex because the door of language only opens into sex, never out; words can go from neutral to sexual but never

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Knowing When You’re Vulnerable

I heard someone use the acronym HALT a while ago; Hungry Angry Lonely Tired. Don’t make decisions they say when you’re Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired. It caught me because I knew about 3 of them, I’m aware of HAT

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Running – what’s an advantage

Drug is one of those words than everyone knows and uses but can’t pin down a definition and Performance Enhancing Drug is even harder. If I eat a smart breakfast and you don’t I’m going to beat you on race

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Your Feelings Don’t Have To Be Scientifically Accurate

Without knowing I suffered under the weight of my own objectivity for a long. Objectively it doesn’t matter where you live; you could live in a palace or a crack den you’re still just as alive and still going to

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