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The Body-Mind Connection

We all know about the placebo effect, yes? The mind can effect change in the body. What doesn’t get acknowledge as much in our culture that praises the intellect as superhuman and sort of disdains the physical as merely human

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Race day

  Night Before Bar hopping, wasted on gin! On Route to Race Fantastic conditions. This is, unedited, what I wrote on the way to the race grounds. This is the doom race. Internally I’ve got a bleeding tooth and stomach

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Race Weekend

Friday morning. Pack, work, go to Banff, sleep, race, eat a meal, come home. Nothing to do with anything my wisdom teeth are painful and bleeding so that’s just a fun little add on. I took the week off coffee

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I’ve Been Slipping

Confession time, I didn’t hold the line last week. Smallest things first there was a bunch of soda at work, I ate a bunch of fried food because I told myself I was overtraining (because it’s race week, more in

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The New Sex-Negative

Let’s talk about ‘slutty’ Halloween costumes. Right now everyone’s completely tired of them, they’ve been growing in popularity and shrinking in creativity for like ten years. I get that. But right off the bat I’m going to point out that

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Song: Finish Line

Formerly known as I’ll Stay Away and probably called I’ll Still Stay Away if it ever gets requested. This song is about deciding not to reconnect with people. People you’ve hurt. Partly because it’s the fact that you hurt them

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Taking To Everyone At Once

I think I said this before but it’s unlikely most people reading now would have seen it the first time and/or anyone would realize they’re reading it a second time. Anyway, I often write with one specific person in mind.

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