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I Have Read The Truth About Keeping Secrets by Savannah Brown And This Is Not A Book Review

Not everyone knows everything about me so here’s my thing with Savannah Brown: She’s a poet, she’s on YouTube and I discovered her after the great Sarah Kay kindled my love of poetry with her TedTalk. Savannah, Sav to her

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On the changing way we talk about anxiety

I’ve noticed a lot of people use the phrase gives me anxiety rather than makes me anxious. At first glance I found it interesting that people weren’t identifying with the feeling. Saying I am anxious is saying that your self

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Once You Don’t Quit One Thing, You Have To Wonder Why You Previously Quit Everything Else

I think about this with running a lot, because I’ve run into every injury, delay, and setback a runner can and I never felt like saying fuck it I’m done. Which, typically, I do with everything. And there’s two reasons

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The number of dead friends you have only increases during the course of your life. You don’t really track the live ones. Friends come go and go by degrees in your life, sometimes quickly and sometimes slow and smooth. But

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Resilience Over Endurance

The marathon was, surprisingly to me even as I lived it, not a feat of endurance but of resilience. As I’ve written and said a bunch of times already I was ready to quit, I did quit. I hurt so

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What I Read This Month

Running and Dopamine… sadly not in the same book. Also tedious honour-related violence. Getting Past Your Past – Francine Shapiro, PhD Fuck this book straight up. I actually got it two months ago and was trying to power through it

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Why I disagree with you about self-checkouts

On Facebook (where all the good ideas go to blossom don’t you know) you’ll see memes about how self-checkouts at supermarkets are bad. They kill jobs and make you a sucker doing free labour. Let’s jump right to Star Trek

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