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Rich kid poor kid

Because I’m not a social scientist in any but the most amateur way I don’t feel bad mixing poor and working class but furthermore in Alberta it’s easy to find working class guys who are rich, poor people who think

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Misinterpretation, Subjectivity, Art, and Politics

If art matters, it has to be because its interpretation is multiple, confused, and, not infrequently, broken. Art’s value isn’t in objective expertise, but in its ability to confound subjectivity and objectivity, to scramble the barriers between how one person

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“It’s Never Too Late”

It’s too late to become the world’s youngest Olympian. It is essentially too late to become an Olympian at all for me and everyone I know. Someone could drop everything and take up target shooting (the sport in which the

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It’s a scientific fact that taking a positive attitude to a shitty situation makes it less shitty. I know that’s easy to say, effortless in fact, and when people doubt it I think they’re tapping into a fear that if

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Songwriter’s Dilemma

At the most recent café absinthe I debuted 3 new songs as promised. It’s important to me right now to be writing and moving forward and I’ve been enjoying talking about the songs as I’m working on them, although I’m

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I think most people would say they don’t believe in happily ever after, that they don’t aspire to it, and yet it’s how people generally operate when they’re safe. They just stay. It’s why people seem blind to change for

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I’m often worried about other people being in pain I’m not seeing, not helping with. I know that when I’m truly in crisis I’m disengaged. My behaviour is erratic, I’m quiet sometimes but not hostilely so, loud fun and social

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