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How to practice in your sleep

There’s a maneuver in nunchucking known as infinites. They look like this. Jay and I had both practiced and we we’re getting sloppy versions of them occasionally just out of luck but something was completely missing. Then we both had

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The opposite of a fair weather friend

I have a lingering reputation for being a downer. Which I’ve never aspired to be, of course. Very rarely do I want to take away from the achievement of anyone, let alone a friend. My driving force with people is

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I’m about to go for my third float in a flotation pod at Float Life on Saturday. I drafted some of a post after I left my first session just to try and capture the feeling. I was overwhelmed at

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Separate what was said from how it was said

Let’s say our coworkers are named Fry and Bender. Bender points out something Fry is doing wrong. But he points it out like a complete jerk. So Fry, in surprise and hurt, tries to defend what he’s doing. This is

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It’s one thing

One of my favourite things about my friendship with Jason Connolly is he will quote me back to myself. I’d casually said It’s One Thing to Connolly when making a point about singing and playing guitar. I’d seen a lot

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The case against hope

On the album American Slang by Gaslight Anthem, a favourite band of mine for years, there’s a line I quoted to someone who was angrily describing how life should be. “Stop clicking your red heels and wishing for home.” After

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The gift of parameters

We all get choice paralysis when it comes to food sometimes, being satiated on all your options and not knowing what new thing to try or just being hungry enough that everything sounds good. We prosperous people could eat almost

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