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The job you deserve

I was thinking about my level of job satisfaction. Which is currently low. And I thought well this is the best job you deserve. The natural response would be nobody deserves a job but really if you do a lethal

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The wine and cheese this year

It’s Nov 24. I spread the word about last year’s W&C using the blog to write a history so I won’t repeat that but I need some kind of marketing campaign since Jay mocked me so mercilessly for how I

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“Overweight is overlooked, and that’s how I need to be.”

I’m reading Lost Connections (subtitle: Uncovering the real causes of depression and the unexpected solutions) and above is a quote from an obese woman who, like most in the experimental group she was in, lost a lot of weight quickly

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Fitness Friday: Just An Update

So this week I got my 19 in 90 bench mark. 19 kilometers in 90 minutes. Made it by 3 seconds and felt like I was going to puke. Got my Tuesday swim. Fasted Wednesday, the first work day that

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Getting from list to life

Things get from list to life – from idea to reality – when there’s nothing more important to do. When you wound up binging Netflix instead of working on whatever it’s because you thought relaxing was more important. Maybe you

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I fasted yesterday (Sunday, for readers in the distant future), no problem. It’s easy to do but the challenges are still surprising. I noticed the expected irritability in the afternoon but in the evening I felt frail. My heart sped

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November Goals

November was actually the first month I had goals, back in 2016. I’ve written before (a lot) about being suicidal that October and how I finally committed to either killing myself or not killing myself because the waffling was the

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