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Toxic masculinity, homosexuality, and the status quo

Extremism is always a reaction to a loss of identity. As the middle east became international and cosmopolitan a loss of identity caused two generations of people who aspired not to freeze progress, but to undo it – to take

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What ‘slut’ actually means

Men call a woman slut if she’s giving sexual attention he wants to someone else, even if that someone is imaginary. Women call women sluts when they’re getting attention they want, even if that attention is imaginary. But that’s how

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There is no “after all we’ve been through”

It’s called loss aversion. The feeling that because you’ve put a lot of time and effort into something you can’t walk away with nothing. It’s not a bad internal mechanism inherently, once it kicks in it’ll keep you on your

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What I learned at last year’s sexual harassment thing

I started a post about this last year and deleted it. I’ve tried to explain the value of that seminar to dozens of people and they fail to acknowledge what I’m saying. A big part of that is group-think about

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Romance, gender, and gestures

I’m still thinking about Fry & Leela. The idea of romantic gestures having value in relationships. And if you’re the sort who scans the introductory paragraph to see if you’re going to be mentioned I’ll summarize: Romantic gestures are stupid

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An explaination for my sexism, pants equation

I can’t stand a “Natural” argument for anything. Whenever someone implies something is normal for humans because it’s always existed in the past I usually say something like “You can’t make that claim unless you’re wearing a loincloth, chasing fresh

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Gender Binary

I find it so annoying when people fallow their gender roles. It’s just intellectual laziness. I was thinking about this video, which is hilarious and spot on, but my first thought was actually about a male friend. It’s stupid to

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