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What I learned at last year’s sexual harassment thing

I started a post about this last year and deleted it. I’ve tried to explain the value of that seminar to dozens of people and they fail to acknowledge what I’m saying. A big part of that is group-think about

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Romance, gender, and gestures

I’m still thinking about Fry & Leela. The idea of romantic gestures having value in relationships. And if you’re the sort who scans the introductory paragraph to see if you’re going to be mentioned I’ll summarize: Romantic gestures are stupid

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An explaination for my sexism, pants equation

I can’t stand a “Natural” argument for anything. Whenever someone implies something is normal for humans because it’s always existed in the past I usually say something like “You can’t make that claim unless you’re wearing a loincloth, chasing fresh

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Gender Binary

I find it so annoying when people fallow their gender roles. It’s just intellectual laziness. I was thinking about this video, which is hilarious and spot on, but my first thought was actually about a male friend. It’s stupid to

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Jian Ghomeshi, the first of probably many posts.

Where to start… Let’s start on Friday. I was at work thinking that I miss listening to Q. I really like that show and I really like Jian Ghomeshi. Okay now let’s go to Sunday when the whole thing breaks.

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An Analogous Conversation About Rape Culture

Disclaimer: I’m aware this is an oversimplification and I’m aware I’m being somewhat humourous about a subject that isn’t funny, I’m just expressing an idea and this seemed like the most efficient way. So here we go. Man: Doctors over-prescribing

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And now some articles that got it wrong (#notallmen #yesallwoman)

Notallmen: How discussing women’s issues gets derailed This article has a tweet in it and I’ve seen the metaphor elsewhere “You have a bowl of M&Ms, five of them are poisoned, do you want to stick your hand in? Not

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