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Love Actually

I have a lot of people tell me they envy Simone and I’s relationship. Single and non-singles alike. They look for some quality in her that they can find in a partner and they baffle at how a cynic like

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Breaking Backwards Season 3

Well I’m really curious to see Jesse murder Gale and the explanation of why Walt thinks he’s gone. Hmm, so later when Walt’s drinking and he calls the author of the note book an amateur it’s Gale’s notebook and that’s

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The First and Second Circle Of Fans

Greystone Gardens has fans. Not a lot all things considered but for a band that’s 4 months old it feels incredible. Imagine Captain America’s shield. Greystone is the star in the centre and around that is the first tier of

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Breaking Backwards season 4

Season four finale starts with a very beat up Walt in a hospital, with a bomb apparently. I’m finally going to get to see Gus. And I’m going to see the whole kid-poisoning thing. I have no idea who the

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When A Band Loses A Member

Name all the Beatles: Did you say John, Paul, George, and Ringo? The Fab Four, the most important band in history is those four pillars of personality, right? Pete Best is spinning in his grave. And he’s not even dead.

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breaking backwards

S5: E4 Fifty-One Okay it’s new car time…I imagine the next episode I watched will end with a car crash. And some dubstep. Lydia must be upset about something because she’s wearing 2 different shoes. The reason she’s later almost

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