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The first wave of change is the one that doesn’t do anything

A lot of stuff about Emma Watson’s U.N. speech has been coming across my desk and because my desk is mostly ultra leftist the reviews have been that it was lacking. That it didn’t address enough ‘truly’ oppressed peoples and

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On U2, I guess I’m crazy

When I heard what U2 was doing my first thought was “Brilliant!” They don’t need to sell records to make records, they’re one of the richest, most business-savvy, well invested bands in the world. U2 as a corporate entity makes

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Breaking Backward S. 5 ep. 13

“Blue is our brand” The black haired lady is named Lidia Quail and we’ve already deduced that Todd (Aka Archie Matt Damon) has a crush on her and she isn’t above exploiting it. And White makes the call to have

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Silence of the Lambs

I first saw Silence Of The Lambs when I was, like, nine years old and I didn’t have a clue what was going on, I was too young even to find it scary. I assumed though, later in life, that

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